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1. Do you create  personalized T-shirt?                                                                                                                                                                                 
      Yes, we will create you a custom design based on your concept.
2. Are all of your T-shirts & sweatshirts 100% cotton?
3. Do you charge extra for back designs?
        Yes, The price depends on size and graphicz.
4. What colors are the T-shirts available in?
        All designs are available in most colors. *Dark colors are sightly higher*
5.What sizes do you have available?
 Unisex T-shirt sizes S, M, L XL, 2X & 3x
6. Do you make kids designs?
         Yes, for all occasions, please check out our full T-shirt Collection.                                              
* For customized designs 50% of payment is due before services are rendered* This payment is non refundable
* Let us design your Album Cover or Logo get one free T-shirt with design* (only on a white T-shirt sizes Small -  Large)
* When you buy 4 or more T-shirts you get one free of equal or lesser value*